Rozšiřovací moduly

B308 SDI2 8výstupový rozšiřovací modul
  • Programmable output functions
  • Easy to read switch addressing
  • Provides eight Form C relays
  • 1 A at 5-24 VDC relay contact rating
  • Allows remote control of outputs
  • Quick modular interconnect wiring connector
B208 SDI2 8vstupový rozšiřovací modul
  • Programmable input point functions
  • Easy to read switch addressing
  • 2 interconnect wiring connectors
  • Provides eight points
B201 2vodičová napájená smyčka
  • Suitable for use with 2-wire smoke detectors and burglary devices
  • Supports up to 20 compatible smoke detectors
  • Resets latching devices from the control panel
  • Connects to the control panel terminal block with easy-to-install integrated pins
DX3010 Series Octo‑output Expander
  • Up to eight fully programmable and individual operating outputs
  • Remotely mount in a D203 enclosure
Modul vstupů modelové řady DX2010
  • Up to eight sensor input loops
  • Directly connects to the control panel data bus
D8128D Vstupní modul Octo-POPIT
  • Provides point identification for initiating devices
  • Expands the number of points in the system
  • DIP switch programmable
D8129 Výstupní modul Octo, relé typu C
  • Programmable relay functions
  • Provides eight Form C relays
  • 1 A at 30 VDC relay contact rating
  • Slide switch configuration
  • Allows remote control of relays
  • Screw terminal connections
DS7432 Series Eight‑input Remote Modules
  • Address up to eight input loops
  • Serial dual end-of-line (EOL) wiring with tamper status (DS7432E)
DS7433 Series Eight‑input Modules
  • Expand up to 16 hard-wired control panel points
  • Compatible with DS7400Xi Series Control Panels
DS7436 Duální ovl. modul multiplexní sběrnice
  • Provides a two-wire multiplex bus for the connection of up to 120 remote points
DS7457IE Multiplexní modul, jeden vstup
  • Power-limited and supervised input zones
  • Compact enough to fit within most back boxes and enclosures
  • Address settings through DIP switches
DS7460I Vstupní modul, dvouzónový
  • Supervises two protection loops
  • Can be used in UL Listed fire and security applications
  • DIP switch programmable
DS7465I Modul s jedním vstupem/výstupem
  • Supervises one power-limited input zone
  • Provides one output relay
  • Can be used in UL Listed fire and security applications
  • DIP switch programmable